Our Story


Sleep Late and Hike

Sleep Late and Hike is largest and fastest growing provider of outdoor activities in Northern California with over 8000 members, organizing and leading over 700 members per month both near and far.  We have the highest attendance rate of any outdoor group.  We now have members from Asia to the Americas to Europe.

Our Story

Sleep Late and Hike was founded in August, 2013 as a group of outdoor enthusiasts.  Every two years we have doubled in size.  We now have over 40 Event Organizers planning their own activities for our members.

With such great growth we have had to move to offering a complete outdoor social network combined with a full outdoor service from start to finish.  From thinking,”What should I do this weekend?”, “Who should I go with?”, “Are there park fees?”, all the way to “That after-hike dinner was almost as great as the hike, let me upload my pics! ”

Whether you want to go with your immediate family and close friends, or make some new friends with similar interests, we have your event !


  • Sleep Late and Hike has the highest reservation rate.
  • But more importantly, Sleep Late and Hike has the highest attendance rate.
  • Fastest growing.  Doubling every two years.
  • Most comprehensive outdoor experience with the combination of an outdoor social network that includes onsite event planning and execution, as well as trip planning to and from the site.

Our Outdoor standards

  • No hiker left behind.
  • One leader for every 10 people.
  • Onsite pre-event orientation.
  • Respect the environment at all times.
  • Take out everything you bring in.
  • Conservation at our core.

Our Management Team

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