Refund & Exchange Policy

Refunds and exchanges vary by product type

Please see the appropriate section.

Refunds and exchanges for clothing and physical product

Changed your mind?

If you change your mind about the products you have purchased from us (it happens, you’re human), we can refund the purchase price or exchange those products in the country in which they were purchased subject to the following conditions:

  • Item(s) must be returned within 30 days of purchase, together with proof of purchase.
  • Physical product must get a Return Material Authorization number from us.  The RMA number must be on the shipping label.
  • Item(s) must be unworn, unwashed, or otherwise unused with all original tags/labels attached.
  • Gift cards, sale, clearance and seconds items are not eligible for a refund or exchange if you change your mind.
  • If you request a refund, the purchase price (excluding delivery charges for online) will be refunded to you using the original payment method, once we have received the returned item back and confirmed that it meets conditions above, so make sure you post it back to us in good time.
  • You are responsible for any costs associated with returning the item to us including any currency conversion and/or local or international taxes but this is pretty rare.
  • All of our clothing has size guides that can used with a measuring tape to get your size right the first time.

Received something faulty?

If something is faulty or incorrectly described or different from the sample shown (first of all, sorry, this is our bad) we will happily meet our legal and good natured obligations which may include refunding the purchase price and delivery charges, or providing a replacement product provided the item is returned within 30 days with proof of purchase.

Shipping costs can’t be refunded if there are other items listed on the original invoice that you aren’t returning. That’s fair, right?

Refunds and exchanges are available for tickets on a limited basis

We encourage you to be sure you want to attend by reading the full event description, researching your travel bookings for air/hotel/car, and asking any questions to remove doubts before placing a ticket purchase.

Refunds for Trips Requiring Air Travel, Camping or Hotel Accomdations

Event tickets are perishable items and loose value as the event approaches.  For example, would you buy a ticket for a hiking event in Hawaii that requires you to fly in four hours?  Most people would want a few months notice to get some good deals on airfare/hotel/car, and find time off from work.

Get a full refund on tickets for if you change your mind within 48 hours of purchase, and no more than two weeks prior to the start of the event.  If there is less than two weeks remaining from the event start time, no refund will be made.

The 48 hours are provided to allow you to book your travel to the event such as air/hotel/car.  We suggest you research your travel booking before buying a ticket, so that you have plenty of time to complete all associated transactions.

You are free to post a single message in the event comments to sell your tickets, but not two or more messages.


No exchanges will be offered after the 48 hours.

You are free to post a single message in the event comments to sell your tickets, but not two or more messages.

Refunds for Cancelled Events

We’ll contact you and issue a refund automatically, including all fees.

Refunds for Rescheduled Events

We’ll contact you with the new date and time ASAP. Can’t make the new date and time? Refunds will be provided.

Exceptions to the Refund

The event description will state exceptions, if any.