Tutorial: How To Create a Waiver Signing Event

Start Here:

Create a Waiver Signing Event

1. Login
2. Add Event Title. Please do not include the date in the title. The date is handled in step 4.
3. Select Hiking/Backpacking radio button.
4. Set Event Date
5. Submit

Selecting Backpacking will show the Emergency/Health/Carpool form.
Select Hiking and it is just name and email.

Attendees Form:

Share this link with your attendees, after you submit the form above.

Waiver Signing Form

They will add their stuff there and then they will be sent to sign the waiver.
The link does not change per event anymore.

Seeing Attendees for your event:
As people add themselves you will see them listed on the first link above in table.

1. Next Event will be listed first.
2. Past events will not be listed. (This why the Event Date above is needed.)
3. Only your events will be listed.